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Wednesday, March 31

How to make a felt doll

Materials needed to make a simple felt doll:

  • *felt
  • *needle
  • *felt scrapes or other stuffing material 
  • *embroidery thread

1.) Decide on how big you would like the doll.

 2.) Make your pattern

 3.) Cut out the pieces on your chosen color of felt.

4.) Begin stitching. (I Started with the left arm).

5.) When you are finished with the arms and head then begin to stuff. For my stuffing material I used an old white cloth diaper and the felt scrapes left over from       
              cutting the doll out.

6.) Use a pencil if needed to stuff the arms, feet, or where ever needed.

7.) Once the feet were stitched I began to stuff the body.

8.) All done! It's not perfect but I'm pretty sure my kids won't care.

9.) Our felt doll was going to be Jesus so I made 
long brown hair,  
a beard, 
with smile in the front.

10.) Then added the eyes.

11.) I worked on the clothes before I added the hair in the back... I wasn't quite sure if the long hair would get in the way.


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