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Wednesday, May 5

Letter M- Cinco de Mayo

I love Mexican food, Mexican people and their culture so Cinco de Mayo happens to be one of my favorite days to celebrate!
We started the day by listening to some inspiring Marachi music on Pandora.

Then we started on the poncho.....

We used a pretty banged up paper bag and turned it inside out and I repaired all the tears.

A little red, green, and brown paint.

I cut the slits and put on the glue dots. River put on the pom-poms (He loved this part).

The poncho! I cut the holes for his arms
and he decided that it needed a zipper right up the front (he cut it with scissors.)

We were having so much fun that I decided he needed a guitar to so along with his outfit. Since we just moved (5 days ago) there are quite a few boxes lying around.

The guitar...

We used a box, packing tape, and scissors.

I cut out the basic shape and taped on the neck of the guitar. We added the tuning pegs? stickers, marker colors, and the rubber bands. Those dang rubber bands did not want to stay put creating a crazy tension which folded the guitar in half. So I only had enough patience for 2 rubber band strings.

The end result!

Then we sang the baa baa bamba together from sesame street. This is a really fun should listen to it!

For Cinco de Mayo I have the tradition of buying a new awful Mexican candy that we haven't had before or I make some new Mexican food. This year I decided on horchata. Since we were pressed for time I used what we had lying around...rice milk, regular milk, cinnamon, white sugar, and vanilla. For not following a recipe of appropriate proportions it turned out well! Next week I think I will try make it the authentic way. 

Hope you all had a great cinco de mayo!!


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Sometimes I really wish I was your a totally non-creepy way. That poncho is gorgeous - especially the pom-poms; good work Riv. The guitar is a work of art, and I'm jealous of your horchata. I might just invite myself over next Cinco de Mayo - too much fun at your house.

Anonymous said...

for an art project associated with the letter m i had each of my daycare kids squirt a few colors of paint in their shoebox which we lined with art paper and dropped 4 marbles in and let them tilt their boxes back and forth until their design was created.

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