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Saturday, July 24

B for Bubbles

I let the kids make their own bubble blowers out of pipe cleaners and let them dip, dip, dip. River and I gathered some sticks in anticipation to make large bubbles using sticks and yarn. You tie the yarn onto the stick in the shape of the letter "D" and dip.

(If I wasn't holding little Rue and instructing the kids how to dip 
their stick with the yarn into the bubble solution.....
I might have remembered to take a pic and would have put it HERE.)

I used Valerie's from Frugal Family Fun Blog (she is one of the most creative bloggers out there) bubble recipe here. After making 2 different batches I definitely think you need to boil or buy distilled water, the bubble quality is much better!

Later this week to my surprise was our city's "2nd Annual Fireman Foam days". 
(I love when the field trip just fits right into your theme for the week!) 
Look at those bubbles before the craziness!

They advised the children to wear goggles because the dishsoap like substance 
can hurt their eyes.

This is what it looked like all around us! The fireman was shooting the
foam out trying to tag people.

Well me and Rue got tagged! You can see River in the bottom corner.

This is a small shift of focus but have you heard about or seen the documentary NO IMPACT MAN? This family of 3 living in New York City decided for 1 year to make the smallest impact on the environment by only eating locally, using foot-powered transportation, and cutting out all trash waste. Well we have been inspired by what they did and it begs the question what can each of us do individually, as a family, and as a community. My husband and I talked about riding our bikes more to run errands within a reasonable distance, which really means, "Vanessa, will you ride your bike with the kids in the bike trailer to run the household errands and take the kids places?"  (I joke with my husband that I for some reason I seem to always pull the kids around while he is riding this fixed-gear bike without any extra weight!)

So today we rode on over to The Foam Party, me riding the bike with the kids in the bike trailer.  I really enjoy riding my bike and love that we live in a place where most of the city events and shopping are relatively close. When you get to your destination you are in better mood, the kids like not being strapped into their bulky seats, and you ALWAYS get great parking!

On our way back home the wind was blowing a bit more and my 2nd favorite summer-time skirt that I had tie-dyed kept getting caught in rear wheel and spokes. You would think that I would be smart enough to know that riding your bike in a skirt is not ideal and you are taking the chance that your skirt may rip. Well my friends, I am the kind of person that likes to take chances........

 I got off the bike knowing that my risky skirt behavior may have gone too far today. 
But first I needed to take a pic of these really cute sleeping ninos.

 Fast asleep in the Chariot.

I took them inside than inspected the skirt situation....... 
Well I don't think it's worth saving.
We have been though quite a few summers (you haven't seen the front) 
that I am ok with it.


Haley said...

I'm so glad you posted this - Lance and I drove past the field today and had NO idea what was going on, just that there were 8 billion cars and huge sprays of water shooting everywhere. We were so curious. I was THIS close to calling you to say, "There's something fun going on - and it's within biking distance of your house!" But you were way ahead of me. What a crazy cool idea. Is this something we can duplicate at home? If so, let's have a foam party! That picture of the kids asleep in the trailer is so adorable. But sorry about your skirt!

Anonymous said...

epic. Cute little ninos. I like how your shirt got torn...then you get to the bottom of the page and you see the more 'realistic' picture of Jesus. It was a epic moment. I should get you some rosary beads for your bicicleta.
Chat later.


Bending Birches said...

look at all those bubbles!!! how cool!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Oh my goodness!! The Foam party looks like SO much fun!!!! Thanks so much for the link -- I really appreciate it! xoxo :-)

Brent and Terina Maldonado said...

That looks like WAY too much fun!

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