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Tuesday, July 13

Letter J- Jellyfish Art Project

There are quite a few variations making this kind of coffee filter, streamer, plastic cup jellyfish so I will just share how we made ours.

These are the materials we used:

*small white bathroom plastic cup
*embroidering thread and needle
*small coffee filter
*washable markers
*water bottle
*white streamers
*double sided sticky tape
*glue stick 

Use washable markers to create the bell of the jellyfish. Then spray, spray, spray with water to see the colors s-p-r-e-a-d. When done spraying let dry.
(We put ours on cardboard to dry because those wet colors like to drip.)

While drying make a hole through the plastic cup with your needle and pull the string up.

When the bell of the jellyfish is dry (aka your really cool coffee filter) make a small hole with the needle on the coffee filter, then pull the coffee filter down so that it is lying on top of the small plastic cup. Use the glue stick to spread glue all around the plastic cup. Then push the coffee filter down onto the cup to stay.

Put double-sided sticky tape around the inside of the plastic cup.
Then place the streamers onto the tape to stay.

 River's is on the left!
After we were done I made Jj on the tentacles to show that J the Jellyfish Jiggles!

We loved moving around to the J the Jellyfish song jiggling our jellyfish while saying J-J-J.
(J the Jellyfish song is probably in my top 5 favorite letter songs. You should all check out the Amazing Action Alphabet and let me know what your favorite letter song is!)


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Love the J the Jellyfish song too! What great jellyfish you guys made!! :-)

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

I love the tie-dye-looking effect of the wet markers - cool! I also love all your little songs - pure awesomeness.

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