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Tuesday, September 21

Zoo cages for grow and expand animals

The children watched in wonder as a tiny encapsulated animal grew and expanded in the water into.........SURPRISE... a tiger! We did a science experiment to see in what kind of liquid the animal would grow the fastest in, Coke or water with vinegar. The coke was a little faster than the water with vinegar but some adventurers realized that by taking off one end of the capsule that the animal would expand even faster!

Each person poured their own water and put in the tablespoons of vinegar into the little white cup. They enjoyed stirring and watching, wondering what kind of zoo animal was growing. This activity was great for all the adventurers to be actively engaged in a science experiment together. I loved listening to their dialogue, "You need to stir more. If you don't stir you won't get an animal" "No that animal looks like a bear, I don't think it's a tiger."

The adventurers put their animals on the paper towel to dry and then began to work on their cages for the animals.

We used brown lunch sacks, markers, scissors, tape and colored Popsicle sticks.

Miss A is putting on the Popsicle sticks.

The front of the zoo cage.

The inside.
We went out into the yard to gather some
items for the animals to enjoy inside their new home..
a cozy leaf for a bed and a berry ball for food.


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Your pre-school is so FUN! Those little cages are awesome and who doesn't love expandable animals?

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