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Tuesday, October 12

Pumpkin Patch Fun

 We read the book, "Pick a Pumpkin Mrs. Millie" in class before we went on a field trip to Wheeler Farm!

I love Rue's determination to pick up the pumpkin by herself! 

 They were trying to decide which pumpkin to pick...

They finally made their decision!

Deborah from Teach Preschool shared with me a little song she made for picking out a pumpkin. We sang it over and over looking for pumpkins that are all different shapes and sizes.

 I made sure the adventurers pointed to the P's in 

These 2 held onto their red tickets the whole time they went through the maze.  

River deciding which way to go.

Getting ready to go on our tractor wagon ride. 

We saw some more animals while riding around.

I love this makes me wish I had a nicer camera!

 One of the beautiful roosters roaming around.

The hissing geese who will hunt you down for more bread!! It's actually kinda scary...

Petting the goat.

There was a large area filled with feathers from the geese the adventurers found and wanted to float them down the stream.

Then they needed large sticks to help their feather to get un-stuck.

The cage of no return! These two played by the stream for about 40 mins. I love the fact that kids don't need much to be entertained. They loved doing this more than all the other activities!


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