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Friday, October 22

Spider Hunt

We have been talking about the letter S this week for spiders snakes. So a hunt for spiders and webs was inevitable especially since we read:

by Doreen Cronin     pictures by Harry Bliss

All the adventurers wanted to find a daddy long legs after reading it. Sadly we weren't able to find one, one adventurer said, "I'm glad we didn't see one because it is SO big and might eat us."

This is my favorite spider web pic. We found this web inside an open circle cement post.

 The first spider sighting. 

I think this is a common garden spider.

This pic makes the spider look bigger than it really was.

 A different angle of the same spider web pictured above.

Spider webs on the old chicken coop not been used. 

The inside of the old chicken coop was filled with all 
sorts of webs. 

It was interesting to watch how some of the adventurers loved the spider hunt and how others never wanted to participate at all.

Growing up in Arizona I remember seeing tarantulas come out after it rained in the spring and summer. I loved watching the large furry legs scutter about on the dirt. I wish my preschoolers could have seen something larger than a daddy long longs crawling outside...but then again only half of them wanted to see the spiders we did find.


Kelly said...

Fun spider hunting. We love spider webs here too and so many wonderful webs to be seen in autumn.

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

You had tarantulas?! Spooky. Lance saw a black widow in our garage the other day - I was bummed that I missed it.

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