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Sunday, December 12

Foam ball SNOWMAN

There are have been so many great snowman crafts in the blog world I was having a really hard time deciding on which one to do (one that I saw or one I thought of). But I think I made the right decision. This was probably the best activity we have done lately to encourage imaginative play!

The materials:
*3 different sizes of foam craft balls (the dollar tree is where we purchased them)
*toothpicks to hold the balls together (used (1) full size and (1/2) size for the small head)
* 3/4 size toothpicks for the arms (make sure the pointed end goes inside the snowman)
*orange foam triangle with a 1/3 size toothpick for the nose
*black construction paper hat with 1/2 size toothpick taped to the back
*blue, black and red pipe cleaners cut really small for eyes and buttons
*blue felt for scarf

You can see that one snowman had his scarf around his belly. Each child was able to make the snowman easily by pushing the toothpicks and pipe cleaners in by themselves. 

I love this pic a lot for some reason. I love the hand and shoes. I love the anticipation for the photo shoot to be over for this snowman so these 2 girls can continue playing. (The adventurers are used to me taking pictures of their projects so they wait as patiently as they can, um about 5 seconds, and the good news is that is usually all I need.)

A blizzard is coming, a blizzard is coming!!! The children were running around in the snow making this proclamation.

Luckily this snowman (with feet) was able to take cover for the awful blizzard that was approaching!

The adventurers had a really fun time with this activity! I was even lucky enough to get a video clip of them running around playing in the snow with their snowmen.


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Cute! I never got around to it, but I was planning a snow man craft of my own. I was going to get the 3 styrofoam balls like yours, only a bigger size of each. Then get those extra fancy cotton balls and glue them all over the balls. And then just find stuff around my house to make the other stuff.

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