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Thursday, December 30

Noise maker Party Fireworks

I know quite the title right? I apologize for the lighting and the overall quality of these pics. When we sat down tonight to see if this would be a good craft for the kids at the New Year's eve party I saw the point-and shoot camera on the table so I thought why not blog about it now!?!

Materials needed:
toilet paper/ paper towel rolls
black beans
crepe paper or streamers whatever you choose to call it

Take the edge of the roll and staple it down, make sure you have no large gaps.

Fill with black beans. For the toilet paper roll we used 22 black beans. Remember you don't want to over fill it drowning out the sound. Then staple it closed. Be sure to shake down the black beans before stapling.

Attach your streamers on the edges, we did 2 of each color on each side. Then wrapped some streamers around the middle. You could use paint, stickers or anything else that sounds fun for the exposed part, but I kept this really simple tonight.

Time to shake, shake, shake. My adventurers love to throw up any random objects (today it was game chips from Sequence) in the air and scream, "Party!" The mess to clean up afterward becomes somewhat annoying so I thought attaching the streamers to the noise maker will make a fun firework party, without the huge mess on the floor.

We are excited about bring in the new year with our friends and family tomorrow. Enjoy your New Year's eve Celebration!


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Perfect! P.S. Have you ever licked crepe paper? If not, give it a try.

Kamal Raj said...

I'm going to follow your instructions to try noise maker party fireworks. Thanks a lot for Sharing!!!


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