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Sunday, December 5

Random acts of Christmas kindness

I enjoy following Katherine Marie Photography's blog. She shared a really inspiring post of counting down the days to Christmas by doing random acts of kindness advent style. To see the full post read it here.

Committing to do a little service each day leading up to Christmas would be soo much fun but also a little overwhelming. (I would feel really bad missing one day, than missing 2 days, etc.)

So instead of RACK (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness) as a count down to Christmas, I want to have about 4-6 presents with the service idea wrapped up inside. This way it will be completely random as to which service we will do that day as a family. (except shoveling snow)

These are some of Random Acts of Christmas Kindness that I am excited about:

*Tape candy canes and happy holiday notes to ATMS, vending machines, on cars, etc.
*Take a card and treat to hard working post office employees.
*Buy a hot cocoa for Salvation Army bell ringers. 
*Ask a checkout clerk at grocery store what their favorite gum or candy bar is and purchase it for them.
*Hurry and shovel a neighbor's driveway of snow before they do it.
*Make a street pretty for Christmas (pick up roadside trash-Santa Style!) 

The next few weeks will be a little busy for us, but I feel that these little service ideas won't take too much time and we will all have fun doing it. Plus this way we can focus our attention on the real reason for the season.


KM said...

THANK you!!! THANK you! I wish you the most wonderful experience with your RACK list. Last night we tried to buy a latte for a bell ringer and she said NOPE! I think part of it is being intentional in and giving it a TRY. Can't wait to here more adn see pics! xoxoxoxo

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Those are some creative ideas - good work. I love the idea of teaching your kids what this season is really about.

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