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Wednesday, February 2

Brown, Bear what do you see outside activity

We read "Brown Bear, brown bear what do you see?"

All of the Eric Carle books have great repetition and pictures making them classic preschool books.

When we went outside to play I thought we could play a little, eye-spy game using the same repitition of brown bear, brown bear. 

It goes like this,"Ava Bear, Ava Bear, What do you see?"
Ava: "I see a big tree looking at me."
Class: We all look for the tree she is talking about, "Is it this one?" Yes!

Teacher: "Carl Bear, Carl Bear, What do you see?"
Carl: " I see a snow patch, looking at me."

I repeated this until everyone had a turn and they all wanted 2 or 3 turns! It was a big hit! 


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Such a fun game to play with kids. Where is that picture? Gorgeous.

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