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Saturday, March 20

Letter G: g-g-g green glitter glue

I created dotted lines to form the upper G & lower g on gold colored paper. Then asked River if he could squeeze the glue on the dotted lines in the shape of Gg the goose, to my surprise he stayed on the lines quite well!

for the upper G we used green glitter

 lower g small gold pieces of pipe cleaner left over from Christmas

 TaDa! River was excited about adding his little extra gold piece on the side of g, and I think the glue on G slid around a bit as I tried to shake off the excess glitter.


Elise said...

I have just come over from Deborah's blog where I saw the Amazing Action Alphabet review that Deborah did. i will be looking into buying this for my children.

What a neat idea to use glue to joing the dot lines for the letter G. My daughter really enjoys gluing and I think she would really love an activity like this.

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