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Saturday, March 20

Amazing Action Alphabet

The Amazing Action Alphabet is based upon an animal character who has it's own story/song of why it makes its
letter sound. For example, B the Bear blows bright blue bubbles. "B-b-b", is the sound she makes while blowing into her bubble blower. The action to remember "B-b-b" is to hold a pretend bubble blower to your mouth while you say, "B-b-b". On one side of the flip chart is the brightly, colored picture of the upper B & lower b in the shape of a bear. On the back side of the page is the written story/song. This way of learning is do effective to combine seeing a fun animal letter, hearing the playful song/story, and doing an action!

Each week we will be sharing what activities we are doing in conjunction with the letter chosen for that week. Many times we will follow the direct theme listed in the Amazing Action Alphabet Activity book and sometimes we will make up our own! If you are interested in owning the flip chart/ CD, or any of the other products let me know. I have all the products at a lower price than what is listed on the website.


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