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Tuesday, March 9

Letter K- Knowledge about our bodies

I found a cute song for the week from Also I loved Brite Music when I was younger and am lucky enough to have a Mom who doesn't throw anything we have the complete set of books, tapes, activity books, puppets, charts, etc. So we pulled out "My Body Machine", it's a story with a lot of songs about a little girl names Shiny Brite and her big brother Brawny who teaches her about the good foods to eat to keep her body machine super clean, but the villains King Sugar, Sir Salty, and Ms. Grease try to hide in all the food, to take away her shine. Every time we put in one the Brite Music tapes I am transported back to the late 80s, when my desire to sing and dance was at it's peak. Well at least one of many peaks :). A lot of information is covered in "My Body Machine" like all the body systems (circulatory, digestive, etc.) and all the good foods to eat, so we are focusing on this as our book for the week.

Here is the song from Preschool Rock:
Eyes , ears, hands, mouth and nose,
Which one of these can smell a rose?
(yell out an answer)
Which of these can see the sky?
Which of these can taste a pie?
Which of these can pet a dog?
Which of these can hear a frog?


Anonymous said...

This is great !

DouBt KILLS DReaMs said...

This is rad!

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