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Tuesday, March 9

Letter K- Intro to new letter

This week we picked K the kangaroo who kicks in his karate class, in the activity book the theme is knowledge about our body. When River and I decide on the letter for the week we sing the letter song together and then I have him trace it out on the poster. Then I have him think of all the words we know that start with letter K. So we thought of kick, key, kite, kitten, then out of those words I ask him what words he wants to write, he chose kick and key. I make dotted lines and have him go over the dotted lines with a different color marker. Once he made his two words I asked if he wanted to trace a key, a little gold key that a locksmith gave to him a few months back then became the item to play with. When we went outside he loved throwing the key up the slide and then when it fell back down, that little gold colored key blended in really well with the sand all around. He loved throwing it up and then going on a hunt to find it! p.s. Dear Fridge, if you are hiding the other paper with the word K-E-Y on it, I wish you would have given it back before I took this picture.


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