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Wednesday, March 24

Letter W- Duck Tape puppets

We have been reading Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin and River decided that we needed to make sock puppets of worm and his friend spider. I was more than willing to oblige his "really, really, really good idea".

(We have a joke about good ideas in our family. One day my husband asked River, "So what do you want to do today, do you have any good ideas?" Since then River is always announcing his "new good ideas", to his Papa, to me, to his friends, cousins, aunties, etc. wanting the acknowledgment of his idea. The funny thing about it, is that most of the time his "good ideas" really are good ideas! Occasionally, I will tell him something I would like us to do, and he will respond, "Mama, I don't think that is a good idea, I think that is a bad one. Can you think of a new good idea?")

So I got the materials to make the puppets....


google eyes

Wait where is the tacky glue?? We didn't have any! I asked River, "Do you think we can wait just a little bit longer...we need to go to the store and buy a different kind of glue."
"No." He replied. "I want to do it now."

So I began racking my brain for an alternative, glue gun..nope not here..glue stick...don't think it would hold up.... duck tape....hmm, that just might work.

River than instructed, "Mama, let's make somersaults with the tape." I laughed pretty hard at that one! So we went on to make quite a few somersaults, with the duck tape.

I let River decide how he wanted to make HIS puppets and I love the simplicity of them both. No need to add legs to spider, google eyes for a nose, and duck tape somersaults around the pipe cleaner mouth.

What do you think? I was happy with them (once I let go of the fact that this was HIS project, not mine) plus I thought maybe this could be the always changing black stripe sock puppets, who needs Velcro, who needs tacky glue?


Ayn Colsh said...

Love this! I love Doreen Cronin's books!

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