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Thursday, March 25

Worm under the Spring Tree

We have been reading the book "Bob and Otto" by Robert O. Bruel. I think this book does a great job describing the life cycles and basic purposes of a caterpillar and an earthworm.

So when I saw this wonderful spring tree from Frugal Family Fun, I thought we could do an illustration of what the earthworm Otto does under a spring time looking tree.

Here is the pic from book that we tried to re-create.

The materials we used to make our illustration were:
A filing folder cut in half. ( I use those folders A LOT)

the ends of q-tips

( I was hoping he would pick the white with brown or red combo, but oh well)

Mix the paint around with a q-tip 

Then dip small q-tip buds onto stick tree

The tree is just about done

For the worms you can use yarn or long pasta noodles

We also used a pipe cleaner W the worm, 
River said, "This is kinda like a stamp."

Then he dipped the yarn in brown paint and wiggled it around the paper while saying, "W-w-w".

I really liked the way the W made a stamp and looked like a worm!

The wonderful W the worm digging beneath the earth under the spring tree.


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