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Tuesday, March 30

The week of Easter

Most of the ideas listed here are taken from the book "A Christ- Centered Easter" by Janet and Joe Hales" (I did add a few of my own ideas).

There are many activities or ideas listed for each day, but I will share what we are most excited about doing this week. We checked out quite a few books that tell the "Easter"story from the library. In each of the 3 books there is a different focus on the events that happened during Jesus' last week.

*We are also doing a version of Ressurection Eggs . You use 12 plastic eggs and put a scripture and corresponding item inside. Each egg tells a part of the Easter story.

*We will be putting a picture up on our learning wall that corresponds with the proper event for the day. We will read the scriptures and have River decide which picture matches.

Day 1- Palm Sunday (Jesus- Triumphal Entry)
Scriptures: Matt 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:28-44, John 12:12-36

* We will talk about Jesus' triumphal entry. How he rode a donkey and people waved palm leaves and shouted "Hosanna".

Activity: Make a palm leaf
- We will gather maple leaf seed pods from outside and paint them green.

Day 2- Monday (Cleansing the Temple)
Scriptures: Matt 21:12-18, Mark 11:12-19, Luke 19:45-48

*We will talk about the importance of the temple, how it is a house of prayer.

Activity: Go to a Temple
-We live really close to a temple so we will be able to walk around and see how it is a house of prayer, not a place to to be selling items. There is also a large Jesus statue, or Christus that we will be able to see.

Day 3- (Parables and Teachings)
Scriptures: Matt 21:19-26:16, Mark 11:20-14:11, Luke 20:1-22:6, John 12:37-50 (spread these readings out for the next two days)

*There are many different parables to choose from but we will focus on the the parable of the ten virgins. Matthew 25:1-13

Activity: Pick out a parable to act out
 -We have battery operated candles that are really fun for kids to play with. We will use these lights as we act out the parable of the ten virgins. We will be sure to use some unique costume accessories!

Day 4- Rest in Bethany
Scriptures: Matt 21:19-26:16, Mark 11:20-14:11, Luke 20:1-22:6, John 12:37-50(same as previous day)

*There is not much known as to what Jesus' did on this day. So we will use this day to talk about the betrayal of Jesus for money.

Activity: 30 pieces of silver was the amount of money people spent to buy a slave.
-We will count out 30 pieces of silver, and talk about why Jesus was betrayed. What are some of the ways we are mean to our friends and family?

-We will watch a movie depicting the life of Jesus during his last week.

Day 5- The Last supper and Jesus' prayer in Gethsemane 
Scriptures: Matt 26:17-75, Mark 14:12-72, Luke 22:7-65, John 13:1-18:27

Activity for the Last Supper:
-For the Jewish Passover, we will eat some flat bread, celery, apples with cinnamon, and drink grape juice.We will explain why Jesus' blessed the bread and offered it to those around him. (Matt 26:17-19)

Activity for the events in Gethsemane:
- For the suffering in Gethsemane, we will talk about how important Jesus' prayer was to his Father in Heaven. We will explain the significance of saying our prayers and how God listens.

-We will listen to/sing "Gethsemane" by Sally DeFord.
(One of the most emotionally captivating Easter songs, I like the version sung by Heather Prusse.)

Day 6- Jesus' Trial and Crucifixion
Scriptures: Matt 27:1-61, Mark 15:1-47, Luke 22:66-23:56, John 18:28-19:42

*We will focus more on Jesus' Crucifixion than the trial.

Activity: Crucifixion
-We will make a little cross out of sticks we have gathered from outside. Talk about the pain he suffered for us.

-If we gather enough materials natural materials from outside than we may make a crown.

-We will taste the difference of vinegar and water.

Activity: After the Crucifixion
-We will turn off the lights to signify 3 hours of darkness and use our battery candles like lamps (the prepared virgins oil lamps). During the darkness you could go on a glow-in-the-dark hunt for eggs.

-We will put Jesus wrapped in clean linen into a tomb after the 3 hours of darkness, and put a big stone in front of it. (I made a Jesus felt doll and our tomb is a large egg from the dollar tree.)

Day 7- The Jewish Sabbath
Scriptures: Matt 27:62-66, Luke 23:56

*We will talk about a traditional Jewish Sabbath day.

This info is from Judaism 101:
"The mood [of the Sabbath] is much like preparing for the arrival of a special, beloved guest: the house is cleaned, the family bathes and dresses up, the best dishes and tableware are set, a festive meal is prepared."

*We will make preparations for our breakfast meal and maybe make these, "Easter Morning Rolls", they need to sit overnight, and are baked the next day.
*We will go on a traditional Easter Egg hunt outside.

Day 8- Easter Sunday
Jesus' Resurrection and Appearances
Scriptures: Matt 28:1-15, Mark 16:1-12, Luke 24:1-49, John 20:1-23

*Jesus has Risen!

-Have your child look inside the tomb! He is not there!
(Make sure you remove Jesus from the tomb before your child goes to look in :-)

-Talk about how Jesus showed himself to Mary Magdelene and how she was commanded to go tell the apostles. How excited do you think she was? How excited would you be if you were Mary?

-Sing your favorite song about Jesus being resurrected! Or any song with a few "Hallelujahs or Hosannas".

Enjoy the Easter Sunday! Find ways to share the glad message of Jesus being alive with others!


Anonymous said...

Your approach to preschool is quite entertaining, and lord forbid FRESH!
I have myself 3 little ones, and always search the web for fresh preschool ideas. Us mom’s can only think of so many before our brain craps out! LOL.

I love your web site, and its fresh/welcoming attitude. Most blogs seem drab. Here in the south we can take Easter a little over the top, and I feel the activities you mention are better suited for my children’s age. I’m not much of an internet lady, but I will be tuning into your blog more.

God bless from the one and only south!

Gina K.

Anonymous said...

Man, I just wrote a long comment and it disappeared. I just ordered that book... too bad I didn't see your post first:) Those are some good ideas. I wish we lived closer to a temple, that would be a really great one!

I think we decided to do the Easter bunny next week since it doesn't really have anything to do with Easter and then we could get things on sale, but I really wanted to do something special for the girls. I think we are going to get them something to represent Christ resurrection (maybe a flower necklace) that they can find Easter morning like Mary found the resurrected Christ. I love your idea of the tomb, I just don't know if I could make a felt Jesus doll?! That would be perfect. I saw the same ideas with the rolls, except out of cresent rolls but you also talk about the marshmallow being Christ, the spices being put on Christ's body (cinnamon and sugar on the marshmallow) and then let the kids stand guard of the oven while they cook, just the like the guards and then Christ not being there.

We are also going (with our art class) to make handprint easter lilies and take them to a local nursing home.

Thanks for the inspiration.

(V.Kerr) School Time Adventures said...

Gina- Thanks for reading, and thinking this a fresh blog!! My whole purpose for having this blog and posting new ideas is for Moms to think, "Oh yeah, that seems fun I want to try that!" I hope you are able to share some of the fun school time adventures you have with your little ones with us here on the blog.

Shalyce- I will post some pics of this simple felt jesus doll I am making. It is really EASY, but if you don't want to make 3-D, just cut the shape out on felt and glue it to some cardstock.
Thanks for sharing even more ideas, especially the kids standing like soldiers outside the oven as they are waiting for the rolls to be done. If you remember post some pics of the easter lilies on facebook! thx

tawnie said...

Loved the tip for Easter Morning Rolls! They were so good!
We saw that book at the bookstore, we will definitely try it next year :)

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