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Thursday, April 8

giant toothbrush

We have been listening to Raffi's "Singable songs for the very young" a few of our favorites are: Willoughby wallaby woo elephant sat an you, Old Macdonald had a band, Down by the bay, and Brush your teeth. These songs are such great classics and I'm not quite sure why we haven't spent much time listening to them before, but River knows how to work the CD player so we listen to "Elephant sat on you" song at least 6 times in a row before moving to the other songs.

This giant toothbrush we made so when we listen to Brush you teeth, we can pretend with our toothbrushes as we dance around.

The materials we used.....

cardboard, toothbrush (the 6-pack from the dollar tree), paint, scissors, and a shallow water dish to wash out the paint

I cut out the cardboard toothbrush (It was a little too big)

River cut the slits to make the bristles

He said, "The cardboard is crunchy, so it's hard for my kid scissors to cut through". So he used the universal kitchen scissors which worked better. (I use my cheap IKEA kitchen scissors for everything)

I folded the bristles back and forth

He actually did use the toothbrush with the 
bristles down to paint, most of the time :)
He started with the blue paint, his interest waned at times and I think it was due to the fact we was using a toothbrush and it didn't spread the paint out like he was used to. Until I showed him the "push- down-hard-with-all-your-muscles" technique.

While River was painting he asked where mine I made mine. I think a smaller toothbrush would have been better for him, like this one.

River's giant toothbrush

The difference in size you can see here

It was a fun project using a toothbrush to paint!


Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

Cute idea for teaching how to brush back and forth!

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