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Wednesday, April 7

Tiger egg

If you are like me Easter eggs hang around the house for a little while. So I thought why not make a tiger with an orange egg.

This is what we used...

* 1 orange egg with a 1 piece of candy inside
* 1 black pipe cleaner
* 2 googly eyes
* brown, pink and white paint
* a plastic fork..for the teeth
* tacky glue
River and I discussed how to make the tiger by looking at T the tiger. He didn't want to make stripes. So he just painted half of it brown.

We then added the eyes, ears, and made a little triangle out of the pipe cleaner to dip in the pink paint for a triangle nose (because T the Tiger has a triangle nose, Mom), and then added the whiskers. "Mom we made a cat!" River replied. "Well, a tiger and a cat are similar aren't they." I replied. We then discussed how they are part of the same feline family.

Breaking the plastic fork was probably our favorite part, to get the sharp 2 tiger teeth. The tail we just stuck in the back of the egg in a hole.

Now when we sing the T the Tiger song we will use our tiger-shaker-guy to say, "T-t-t".


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

I've never seen a better tiger. And yeah, the fork teeth might be the best part.

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