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Tuesday, April 13

Letter U- Umbrella letter spin

This is one activity that will bring you good luck by opening an umbrella in the house! I call it the umbrella letter spin.

Materials needed....


Letters. We used : 4- U and 1-X, 1-G, 1-W and a few other other random letters.
(I did pick a few to review from previous weeks)

The Amazing Action Alphabet poster

1 fun child

How we played:
Put all the letters inside the umbrella. As your fun child spins the umbrella (the kitchen floor worked great) sing the letter song. So I sang "U the pup" each time he began to spin the umbrella until a letter spun out of the umbrella. (Sometimes I only sang the first line, other times I needed to sing a little longer.) After the child has picked up the letter(s) that spun out of the umbrella have them place it onto the poster saying the correct sound and name.

 Yeah for letters!


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Good one. Perfect example of how easy it is to entertain/teach your kids using stuff that we all have laying around the house.

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