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Monday, April 12

Letter U- Umbrella song

I am a person who loves music! I know most people will say that they love music, but I still can sing songs I remember as a 4 and 5 years-old, yeah, yeah, yeah, you say that's not soo special. So when I was in the 1st grade my Mom went to a presentation to become a Brite Music Distributor (she has got conned into doing a lot multi-level-marketing schemes). However, I am really glad that she decided to become involved with Brite music because much of my love for learning and music can be contributed to it.

So I have made up quite a few songs as I have grown up. When I was in the 6th grade, I made up the tune on the piano and sang away. It's called, "Raindrops are falling". It goes like this...

Raindrops are falling
People are dying
Why are you still buying 
things that you don't need
While I am singing
you could be bringing
things to help each other
so why don't you please

(It's funny to read those words and realize that as a 12-year-old I didn't really know a lot of world issues and problems, but I was always acutely aware of the needs of other people.)

Then in my sophomore year of High School I wanted to raise the most money ever for the drama department! So I knew I needed a little advertising jingle in order to become the biggest success selling candy bars and laffy taffy.

Here is the candy bar song that I would perform between 3- 10 times a day depending on my customers (other classmates)...

Chocolate, chocolate, it's so good
Everybody's eatin it in your neighborhood
You eat it in the morning, you eat it at night...
Anytime you eat it, it will be alright.

So I did go on to raise like $2500 for the drama department....winning myself the "Top seller award".

Now about 13 years have passed since my candy selling days and I still like making up little random songs, but now they are preschool focused.
This week we will be focusing on the letter U, with the theme being "April Showers bring May flowers". So without further ado the Umbrella song sung to the tune of Rain is Falling All Around by Moiselle Renstrom.

Rain is falling all around
on the house tops on the ground
Rain is falling on the plants
on the grass and flowers and ants

Time to get your Umbrella out
April showers are here no doubt
pretty May flowers we soon will see
lavender, roses, and daises

p.s. I would love if you would share the songs you still remember as a kid!


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Do you realize how awesome your stories are? I am so entertained by you. And I'm feeling like an un-creative fart right now because I've never made up a song in my life. Anyway, the umbrella song is a keeper.

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