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Saturday, April 3

Our easter egg dyeing party

Our house currently smells strongly of vinegar, cabbage, turmeric, black tea, and luckily the spinach doesn't really have an odor .
(Not to mention that I threw away the large box of mildewing wheatgrass today, and cleaned out the worm soil sensory box, that had large mold spores and fruit flies.)
It's a good thing I am not pregnant because wow, the smell is super overwhelming.

Even though it smells like an international kitchen in here, we had a fun time dyeing eggs. River and my husband worked on dying eggs the traditional drop a color tablet in water & vinegar. While they were having fun I began to chop, stir, and search for the ingredients I wanted to use dye MY eggs. 
(I did feel a little bad about snagging 4 out of the 12 eggs, but my guilt didn't last long.)

I began with the turmeric... 

6 tsps. tumeric to 3 cups warm water, about 2 tabs. of vinegar, and an uncooked egg

*I let it boil and then simmer for about 25 mins.

I love the bright vibrant color!

About 1/4 head of red cabbage...

 I chopped up about 1/4 of red cabbage, about 6-8 cups warm water,   
about 6 tabs. of vinegar and an uncooked egg

*So I think I either needed more cabbage or less water because after 1 hour this is what it looked like (a very light, light hue of violet). 
I will soak it overnight to see how it turns out.

 Black tea...................
(I had some left over from making kombucha)

 6 tsps. of black tea, ( I cut open about 4 individual tea packets), 3 cups water, about 2 Tabs. of vinegar and an uncooked egg

*The processing time was about the same with the turmeric, boil & simmer for about 25 mins.

 I love the specs of brown from the loose tea. 
(It kinda makes you think, "Do they just dye white eggs in black tea, to get brown eggs :) )

The Spinach..........

I put about 4 handfuls of Spinach in about 3 cups of water, about 3-4 tabs of vinegar, 
and an uncooked egg

(No need for a photo, nothing happened)

Ahh, the Spinach. Well, dear Spinach I am sorry you did not want to cooperate or perhaps I did something wrong. Now the egg has been sitting in the spinach water for 3 hours and nothing has changed. 

I had a fun time waiting in anticipation of what would happen! I didn't have enough time or cheesecloth to the the onion marbling, but I am excited to do more food dye experiments. 

Here are the eggs River and his Papa worked on.....

*Yes we do have a tie dye tablecloth that I dyed at a tie dye summer party a few years ago. 
I thought it was appropriate to have on the table today. 
My favorite egg is the "Funky one" as River calls it, 
in the bottom left corner.


tawnie said...

How fun! All of the eggs are so beautiful :) What a fun idea to dye them with natural ingredients- so creative!

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