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Monday, April 5

T for Teeth and tapping

In exactly one week River will be going to the Dentist (to do some dental work) so I thought focusing on T the Tiger, who taps and taps his troublesome tooth would be a good idea.

-A large toothbrush made out of cardboard, painting various colors using a toothbrush
(you can buy 2-6 toothbrushes for $1 at the dollar store)

-A large mouth with teeth with constuction paper, using toothpaste to spread onto each tooth

-A tiger made out of orange easter eggs, with painted black stripes, and a black pipe cleaner tail

-We will be using a hammer and large push-pins to make a tapping noise. (A fun hands-on project)

-We will dig around the kitchen and house to find items that will make a great tapping noise together.

-In the "Amazing Action Alphabet" mini-books there is a mini book of "T". It is the second lesson, so it's very basic and shows pictures of different "t-t-t" sounds.

-Various books about going to the Dentist....


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