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Tuesday, April 13

Play outdoors- April showers

I wanted to let you wonderful people know that the month of April is "children and nature awareness month". I'm sure a lot of you already take the time to play outside every day, but I thought it would be great to be apart of the great outdoor challenge hosted by the blog 5 orange potatoes. I know the last thing you want to remember while you are playing outside is your camera, so this is the first post that I have with pics.

I think it would be great if you all want to participate by posting pics on her blog or by using the facebook fan page to post pics. Just wanted to spread the word about this fun challenge happening this month.

So I played around on the simple mac iphoto edit with these pics. (I put them in order from the most liked to least liked picture. )We played outside in the rain, which is so appropriate since this week is "April Showers bring May Flowers"!

So here is River with our falling apart umbrella as he was checking on the daffodils. (still haven't bloomed). He loves to accessorize every time we go outside, so today it was the strip beanie and blue gloves. It was raining on and off so I was glad our camera is waterproof.


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Why is he so CUTE?? Is your umbrella crapping out on you from all the spinning letter games you've been playing with it? If so, good work.

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