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Wednesday, April 14

Play outdoors- The hunt for yellow

Wow, today was a perfect spring day! The sun was shinning down on us, thank you Mr. Sun, for letting us bask in your warmth. So I told River that we were going to go on a special hunt. A hunt for all things that are yellow like the sun!

The first thing he saw as we stepped outside was the yellow backpack on his bike. Then about five minutes later he said, "Oh look Mama a bubble bee, it is yellow and black!"

"Look I found this yellow flower." 
Then we talked about dandelions...and found more and more dandelions. 

Little Rue loved playing with all the dandelions her brother would bring.

As he would leave to pick more... she wanted to go too!

Then River announced, "We need to go get my treasure box to put all the 
dandelions inside. 
But Mom why are they called dandy?"

We are participating in the great outdoor challenge hosted by the blog 5 orange potatoes 


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

She looks so stinking cute in these pictures. Yum yum. I love the hunt for a color idea.

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