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Tuesday, May 11

Letter D- Dinosaur land drawing

 Picture of the good dinosaurs in their nests. (Mama, Papa, and the kid)

We had some big paper (almost like butcher paper) lying around from a new shelving unit. So I thought it would be fun to create a land for the new un-frozen dinosaurs. This would have been a great project to do with at least 3 other kids. The kids could have created the dinosaur land together. Instead I tried my best to play dinosaurs with River but it wasn't the same.

I got out the markers and allowed the creativity of dinosaur land to begin!

(He is pointing to the baby dinosaur that got trampled on by other animals.)

I labeled everything River told me about in Dinosaur land. The good guys (the Papa, Mama and kid nests were drawn biggest to smallest. That was my favorite part) the bad guys, the mountain, the black food, the place to fight, the place at the top of the mountain to wash after fighting, the baby dinosaur that belongs to the bad mama and papa that got trampled on by other animals, the swimming place, the animal that died, the water to drink and the flowers.

(The bad guy dinosaurs)

(The whole dinosaur land)


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Wow, you gotta hang onto that - priceless. I love his imagination (and yours, for that matter)!

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