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Monday, May 10

Letter D- Ice Age Dinosaur Dig

This week is the week of the dinosaurs! I really wanted River to do some kind of fossil or dinosaur dig but didn't have any plaster of paris. Some people let clay harden onto the dinosaur, but I thought in one wack all the clay would come off, or some small annoying part would wedge between the feet and take forever to clean. Then my aha moment came...have it be an ice age dinosaur dig! Using water worked so well because as pieces of ice went flying I was so grateful I didn't have to sweep or vacuum up little white pieces, instead the big ice chunks went in a bowl and the small pieces just melted!

River had a lot of fun cracking the ice to get the frozen ice age dinosaurs out.

This is what we did......

I took 4 dinosaurs and froze them in their own container overnight.

Then slide out the ice aged dinosaur into a cardboard container or something 
not breakable to allow the fun to begin.

I got out an assortment of utensils from the kitchen: nut opener, garlic press, big spoons. The garlic press ended up working the best. We used a plastic container to put all the large ice chunks in.

The 4 dinosaurs now in their dry nests.


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Dude, I bet he had so much fun. Your projects are all so fun - I'm finding myself wanting to do them by myself - no kids involved. Sad.

Helen said...

what a fantastic idea... later on in the year I will be doing a topic on dinosaurs and so will use this - my toddler will love smashing ice. I have just found your blog and will enjoy having a look through all your school time adventures

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