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Monday, June 7

h the horse

Last Tuesday I had the grand opening party for "School Time Adventures Preschool". The theme was h the horse and I was really excited for all the activities.. a red stable, hay in the shape of H, a horse in the shape of h, and an obstacle course built for the kids to go through. For snacks we had carrots, apples, and a sugar treat (I don't make those too often) of butterscotch haystacks.

I was really excited until 30 mins before the party was to start it began to the obstacle course was canceled and we moved the party into the garage.

The h the horse was really fun to do.......

I thought you all might enjoy the one River did....not the one I did!

I cut out pieces for the h from black poster board, 
the mane, hoofs, and tail were from white poster board, 
and the red poster board was for the mouth, plus google eyes.

I should have taken a picture of all the wonderful variations of h the horse the 4 children 
made because they all turned out different, the way I like art projects to go! 

Here are some other pics from that day:

This was the start of the obstacle course...

2 hula hoops to jump in, and then a structure to crawl under
the ice chest is to crawl over and in the middle of the cardboard I drew lines to make a balance beam

These were boxes made for planting potatoes..I used them to jump in and out of,
or to weave around

the 2 hula hoops to jump through and a somersault on the crash pad
(we use it for rock climbing but I thought it worked well for preschoolers to somersault on)
the straw was the final destination to grab in order to make the H for hay.

River at the front door of "School Time Adventures"

You can see the blue retro school chairs, the cranberry colored box covers I made, 
and the black table my husband painted. (The light blue rack will be our cubbies for now).


West Family said...

Wow! It looks so great! You are so awesome Vanessa- I want to go to your preschool :) Good luck, it sounds like you are really enjoying it.

homegrown said...

I love seeing the sign with your phone number on it! I pulled out my phone to check in the address book if it matched yours and does :)

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

This makes me so excited!!! We can't quit laughing about the [tiny] amount of time between you having the idea and the actual grand opening. You are amazing. And hilarious. I love your obstacle course and fun H ideas and your classroom stuff is AWESOME! I need to chat with you and hear all the details.

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