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Monday, June 21

P is for Popcorn lovin Pirates

Since we still had a lot of popcorn it was time to put on our pirate attire,
 sing our pirate songs, and find real treasure!

This time the tub was on the ground for some real pirate diggin'. 
Pirate River and Pirate Rue LOVED being inside the popcorn.

I put various coins (even three $1 gold coin)s in the tub for 
Pirate River to find, sort and count. 
(We did find some left over pasta and P's.)
After he was done finding all the loot is when Pirate Mama-mimsi
 let the wee ones jump in the popcorn.

The pirates pillaged and plundered!

When the pirates were done playing we dumped out the popcorn out for the chickens to eat.

I think they were a little overwhelmed with it all!


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Man, you really got a lot of use out of that popcorn. Good work! I bet they loved jumping around in it and making a grand old mess.

Amber said...

Hahaha....oh boy! Looks like lots of fun over at your house! :) That's great!

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