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Tuesday, June 22

Letter P: using Jello finger paint & popcorn

Making the letter Pp was really quite fun. Since we had so much popcorn from the Popcorn Sensory  tub using popcorn was kind of a given. But I really wanted to make jello finger paint to add to the whole hands-on eatable experience, so I made only 2 colors, red and green.

Um..should have used at least a fun color of construction paper, the white is kinda boring.

We used white glue and a scoop of popcorn to make the P.

We made some Jello- Finger Paint to use with the Popcorn. 
(A fun eatable way to paint with and eat at the same time!)

Jello-Finger Paint:

1 package of gelatin (small box)
4 oz of boiling water

Mix the boiling water into the gelatin and stir. When you first add water remember the gelatin will set up. SO if you want the finger paint a little more sticky like Jello than 4oz should be good, if you would rather it be a little less sticky and more spreadable than you would probably like more water. 

  On the left you can see the paper with some of the jello painted on with a paint brush.

Then we used the pocorn as a paint brush.

 And of course River wanted to eat his paint!
(Jello is not a treat usually found around this house)

Then River took pieces of the jello and put them on the p. 
(By the time we actually did the lowercase p, the red jello finger paint had 
hardened so it was definitely the typical jello consistency, which actually worked out great!)


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Looks like great fun!

Haley said...

Food is so fun to play with. And eat.

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