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Thursday, September 2

Reading Rainbow Road

The "Reading Rainbow Road" is a game I made up for my little adventurers to find the letter Rr on the letter road. I put down white crepe paper (streamer) for the road and the children loved putting the letters on top! (Be prepared to have a lot of letters for them to place on the road.)

Once the road was in place I explained that when the music is playing we will move like animals (we did dinosaurs, birds, snakes, kangaroos, horses, and dogs) around the "Reading Road".  When the music stops each animal, I mean adventurer, will need to find a letter Rr to put onto the Rainbow.

This was a great activity for letter recognition because only Rr were allowed to be on the rainbow! If a child tried to put a different letter on the rainbow I simply said, " No the letter M makes the mmm sound, we are looking for the Letter R that makes the rrrr sound."

This simple game was a hit with my 3 & 4 year-olds! I might need to use the letter road again and have a different object on the white board to correspond with the letter we are learning.


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

What a fun and active way to work on letter recognition! :-)

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Cool!! You have the best, most creative ideas. I'm going to Blurb your blog.

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