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Tuesday, August 31

Otter Pop Art

The weather has been changing, so I wanted to make sure we did this activity while it was still a sunny summer day...otter pop art! I know some of you may have seen some Popsicle art activities floating around the blog world but I wanted to try otter pops. This is definitely an OUTSIDE project especially if your 15-month-old will be participating!

Make sure your paper is held down.

I cut the small otter pops in half because I knew River would probably eat every single color I gave him.

Taking a little break 

 With each color his break got a little longer!

Little Rue also participated

I think she is going to be an artist like her 
Nana and Grandma!

The finished art pieces drying

When the sun shined through it looked really cool!


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Fun project. I like the idea of combining snack time and art time.

Rachel said...

so....we have 200 otter pops in my freezer. yeah. needless to say, i think we are going to be doing this fun art project!

Martianne said...

Ah, maybe this is what i can do with the ones I purchased not realizing they were so full of fake colors and whatnot - thought I had the natural ones. Thanks for the idea.

amandab said...

I had no idea what otter pops were until I saw the photos! What a great idea! :)

Marita said...

That is a really clever idea. I'm definitely bookmarking this one for my daughters summer birthday party :)

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