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Friday, October 1

Fall Celebration

 During School Time I had the adventurers gather leaves to put on their crown for the Fall Celebration. I told them a story about 2 of the 4 sisters of Mother Earth, Summer and Autumn.

I wanted them to notice that all the leaves are still green but soon we will see leaves of many colors. We danced around with our Fall Crowns welcoming in the change singing...

Remember September, October, November
The wonderful months of Fall.
 Remember September, October, November
My favorite months of All.
 The days turn short. The nights turn cool. 
The leaves turn gold and down they swirl. 
We jump in the leaves and twirl, and twirl. 
Remember September, October, November
The wonderful months of Fall.

 In the evening we met up with some of our extended family to have a mini retreat for 4 days. The place we stayed is the perfect Huck Finn backyard! All the children loved being outside finding large grasshoppers to fish with, playing in the mud by the stream, paddling the canoes around the pond, the only thing missing... fresh berries.

They found a mini forest with some kind of giant bear they didn't want to wake...

The adventurers noticed that there were
yellow leaves with the green leaves. 
(Since we were at a higher elevation it was a real treat to drive through the canyon and see the beautiful aspens and maples turning shades of yellow, orange and red.)

This area were we spotted the horse was so magical with the red rocks in the background!

We had a wonderful day welcoming in Autumn!


Petersen Palace said...

Holy smokes Vanessa! This blog is AMAZING and your article on simplicity parenting was awesome! I wish we lived closer so Andelyn could do preschool with you! I am all about simplicity and have been working on cleaning house and getting rid of everything I possibly can. I've already filled up my trunk once with stuff for DI and still find more. I've cut the kids toys in half and they are there every time and we talk about kids who don't have toys and why it is important to give. I've cut down on clothes and shoes and all the random stuff that collects. I think we should get together soon and play! I am going to use so many of your awesome ideas!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I hope you can help me!!! Do you know who wrote the song Remember September October November the wonderful months of fall??? I remember these cassette tapes of Children's songs as a kid and this was one of the songs on the tapes...I am trying to find these tapes! Do you know what I am talking about? Thanks :)

(V.Kerr) School Time Adventures said...

Yes, it's Brite Music and love all of these songs too! I grew up with it and now share them with my adventurers.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are amazing!!! I had the Veteran's Day song stuck in my head yesterday and I thought I would never be able to find these songs again, haha, thanks!

Mandi said...

i was looking for this song which is how I found the blog. I hope I can track down those songs that I too grew up on.

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