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Thursday, October 7

Jack-o-lantern made with Ice

I bought a pumpkin tray at the dollar tree knowing I would use it for some activity during our P for Pumpkin week. I decided that the adventurers would have fun making a jack-o-lantern with frozen ice cubes on paper plates.

I added food coloring to water to make 
the orange ice pumpkins. 

 I made about 30 ice cubes and put them in the plastic bowl to have them all ready for art time.  Then I pulled them out of the freezer about 25 mins prior to art time.

I drew the jack-o-lantern face with a permanent marker on the paper plate.

 I had the adventurers start with 1 cube, but since I am an adult I thought I could handle 2! :)

River rotating his pumpkin ice cube around on his colorful face! It was also fun to hold the ice pumpkin to color the plate.

The coloring was light.

When it was finished drying (make sure you have plenty of paper plates under the wet one!) I glued on the green stem!


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Fun! I love those little ice cube trays. I was thinking they'd be perfect for Jell-o diggers.

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