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Friday, October 8

Pirate Popcorn Pumpkin Patch

I, the great pirate Poppy wanted my fellow pirates to find some the the treasures that got caught in the Popcorn Pumpkin Patch.

 The treasures were much harder to find, then what ye see here.

Each Pirate used their plump, plastic, pumpkin to fill it with the treasures to be found! 

 Each pirate took a partner, so 2 treasure seeking pirates per 
popcorn pumpkin patch. 
(This way there was a more equal chance to all receive the same amount of treasures.)

 The pirates squealed with delight as they found all the treasures! 
Pirate coins, pumpkins, skull heads, monkeys and pebbles.

I have done quite a few sensory bins and this by far was the most fun for all the adventurers. They loved been able to keep the small treasures they put into their own container. They kept asking me if they could keep the treasures..can you tell they are use to just sorting everything out to play with not to keep? Plus having eatable pumpkins and eatable sensory fill (popcorn) added an additional element of fun!

Here is a pic of the eatable pumpkins so you know what to look for if you have never bought them...

I really do love Fall themed activities!


Miller Moments said...

Very cute (and fun) idea!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

How fun!! And festive!!!! :-)

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