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Monday, October 25

spider web and foam spider

I saw this idea for a tangled pumpkin on I can teach my child, and knew we could use this idea to make a spider web, perhaps like the one The Very Busy Spider made in Eric Carle's book.


We used :
  • ::wax paper
  • ::mod podge glue
  • ::black metallic paint
  • ::dark green yarn

*I put about 1/2 cup of mod podge with about 2/3 of paint from the small bottle, into a glass bowl and mixed it around until the color was dark grey. 
*I cut individual yarn spools (about 10-12 wraps around my hand).

*We used these plastic 2 section plates. In the small section I put in the paint mixture. 
*Then each adventurer dipped their small spool of yarn into the paint to get it gooey-oozy.
*They spread out the gooey yarn on the wax paper to let dry. 
*The yarn was dry enough when they came back 2 days later to pull it off the wax paper.

(Some adventurers made handprint spiders once they were done with the spider web.)

I love how they came out!

We made the foam spiders on the 2nd day once the webs were dry!

The spider web on the door leading outside.

To make the foam spider we used:
  • ::foam squares cut into circles with 4 whole punch holes on each side
  • ::pipe cleaners cut into 4ths
  • ::googly eyes
  • ::clear tacky glue

It's fun to mix and match the colored legs with the the red, orange, yellow or purple bodies.

We also put fangs on the front of these ones!

(Did you know that most spiders have 8 eyes??)

The book that we read with this spider art project was:
The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

The adventurers enjoyed touching the web on each page and noticed how it became more and more complex.


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

How cute! I have an adult project I want to do that's similar to this. I heard that 8 eyes thing recently - I think it's bull. :)

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