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Tuesday, October 26

spooky pictures

I saw tin foil paintings here and decided that we should  make some spooky pictures of our own today!

We used:
::metallic black paint
::a paintbrush and plate

This paintbrush already had some fun! 

Each person painted the black acrylic paint onto the foil. 

 Then used a q-tip to make the outline.

 Everyone at work!

The paint didn't take very long to dry. The great thing about the acrylic paint is that it will not flake off the tin foil. Now it's ready for some yarn to be hung up so it can fly!! 


Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Awesome! I love that it won't flake off - good to know.

Audrey {C} said...

Very cool idea! Great fun blog you have!

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