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Thursday, October 28

Weekly rhythm song

The magic of rhythms is in the process not the particulars.
-Simplicity Parenting, pg. 114

River and Rue my two favorite kids

I have been trying to implement many of the suggestions mentioned in Simplicity Parenting for a few months now. Filtering out the adult world, simplifying the environment we live in, and being aware of over scheduling activities for my children, have been the first steps leading up to the most impacting change of establishing a weekly rhythm in our home.

This was a previous trip to Disneyland.

By nature I am a pretty spontaneous person and the idea of sticking to any kind of predictable routine makes me want to pack up my bags and drive to Disneyland with my kids, just because I can, and no schedule or routine will confine me! When I was pregnant with my first son I heard about these Moms who never went out of the house (for like a year) because their baby HAD to be in their own bed at 7:00pm. I vowed that I would not be like those first time Moms who forgot how to have fun once a child came into their lives. The result...we took my Son River with us everywhere we went and he stayed up later and woke up later than most children his age. When River was three, and Rue was just a few months old, I began thinking there was probably some value in having a bedtime routine, especially because now we have 2 children. However it took my Husband and I a while to be completely invested into any kind of "routine" but we knew having a bedtime routine was a good idea, we just wondered if we would be able to buckle down and do it.

If you come over to our home during bedtime routine you may be
required to put a pull-up on!

The stories and examples mentioned in Simplicity Parenting are so encouraging that I began to realize that creating a rhythm in our home is not about a daily, rigid, routine, where a family must feel confined to do only what is permanent marker-ed in for the day. Instead it is the "process not the particulars", understanding that we are doing (or not doing) things to build a "foundation of cooperation and connection" (pg. 102). Ding, Ding, Ding, I finally got it, I had my epiphany, light bulb moment.  The whole purpose of creating a predictable weekly rhythm is for my son, daughter, husband and I to ENJOY the Sunday morning breakfasts, Monday wash day, or Wednesday cooking day because these consistent this-is what-we-do, can establish trust and a way to feel more connected to each other.

Mr. Baker-man

When I first began to adapt a more concrete weekly routine, the way I was approaching it all was not working for my spontaneous nature. I was focused on the particulars not the process. At the end of the day I was becoming somewhat depressed because I was not able to have the rhythm of the day go like it should and blamed it all on myself.


Then it hit me. . . I needed River (and myself + my husband) to have a clear understanding of what each day will look like. River will ask, "Mama what's today? Are the kids coming over or do we go to church?" He understands that we do very specific activities on certain days but really what does Monday, Tuesday or Saturday mean to a four-year-old?  

So as River and Rue were taking a bath one night I wrote this song. I wanted us to have a fun song that we all would enjoy singing each day as a way of previewing for our day/week. I enjoy singing and make up songs often for the preschoolers... but that doesn't mean you will enjoy listening to it : ) This song has been a hit at home and instead of having to tell River that today is Tuesday, because it is Tuesday, we just sing our little weekly rhythm song.
Sunday we wake up to the yummy smell
of Papa making breakfast.
Then we put on our nice clothes and comb our hair
and walk together to church.

Monday we wake up and put our dirty clothes
in the washing machine.
We clean, clean, clean.
We clean up the house
and peddle over to the library.

Tuesday is a school day.
The kids come over to play, play, play.
We find little treasures and make cool things.
We play outside and sing.

Wednesday we wake up we know it's gonna  be
a cooking day.
We might knead some bread or make some applesauce
and eat a really yummy treat.

Thursday is a school day.
The kids come over to play, play, play.
We find little treasures and make cool things.
We play outside and sing.

Friday we wake up and get ready
for our exciting field trip.
We might go to the park or see a new place
and do some adventuring.

Saturday we sleep in.
(zzz chooo)
We wrestle each other other.
We go to the store.
(Yum, yum)
Then at the end of our day,
we rest from our play,
because tomorrow is Sunday.


Sunny said...

I love the song. I never knew you had such a great voice. I think it's good to do what's best for your family when it comes to routines. Up until the last 6 months ago or so, Antalya couldn't function unless the routine was the same. She needed a strict routine to understand the world around her and understand her place in it. Now as she is getting older I can see how having that routine in place for her gave her the confidence she needed to be the girl she is now. Victoria on the other hand has never stuck to a routine since the day she was born, and isn't affected in the slightest when things don't go according to routine. So it's good you're trying to set up those routines - but ultimately what is right for one set of parents, and one child, might not be right for another :)

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Great song, and I loved reading about how your family found a rhythm that works for you! Well done! xoxo

Kelly said...

I really love your rhythm song!
Thank you for popping by my blog. A while back you felt a question on where to get tea bag paper to make leaf window sun catchers. So sorry to take so long to answer!! I get lots of tea bag paper from a scrapstore that sells this for crafts. It is not easy to get. However, white tissue paper works just as well.
Best wishes

Rachel Swan said...

This is such a sweet post, V! I love the song, too. I love reading your thoughts on routine + rhythm, since it is also an area I'm having a hard time putting into action.

Also, can your kids get any cuter?

Love you, lady!

Rachel Swan said...

V! I have to tell you that I played your song for Sela this morning + I think we've listened to 20 times today! She knows all of the words + thinks you're a rock star!

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

V, I couldn't be more with you on this. Although I'm not gonna lie, I thought it was awesome when River was younger and I could call you guys at 11:00 pm and he'd be up, or you'd call me at 10:00 am and you guys would have just woken up. I definitely found myself saying, "I hope my kid is that cool." But I think you've found the exact right attitude about structure; it's not supposed to be a hassle and make life a pain, it's supposed to bring a peach and calm to your world. P.S. Lance and I are sharing an office right now while his is being painted. When I clicked play on your little song he just looked over at me like, "WHAT are you listening to?!" Awesome.

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

P.S. That picture of the kids and the pull-ups is one of my favorites - they look like they're having so much fun. :)

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