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Wednesday, November 3

Dia de los Muertos

Rachel is River and Rue's Aunt and her birthday happens to be on Dia de los Muertos. So instead of honoring those who have pasted on (the real purpose of Dia de los Muertos) the party last night was focused on honoring the living.

The alter to Rachel (conveniently situated under her wedding photo) included: fake liquor, paper flowers, virgin de Guadalupe candle, beads, more candles, and food! 

We made the skull head stamps out of potatoes and stapled it to crepe paper.

It's the tradition to make sugar skulls and paint them. So the boys put the sugar mixture in the mold. The skull heads are quite small but next year you better believe I am going to buy the large sized mold.

Eating pumpkin food (we also had roasted pumpkin seeds) is also part of the tradition so for Rachel's birthday cake we had pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. We drank mexican hot chocolate to go with it. (We used ghirardelli chocolate, milk, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla.)

River did a skeleton dance for us in the evening!
(notice the skeleton head on his shirt)
For school time we made this:

The theme for this week is teeth so I incorporated that into day of the dead by having the adventurers paint the skull head using a toothbrush. For the teeth they used silvered almonds.


Anonymous said...

I love your table V


Anonymous said...

Party looks like a great time. Love the idea of painting with a tooth brush!

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Did you feel awesome buying that candle? I would have. Your decorations were sweet and the food looked delicious. I'm so bummed that I was puking instead of decorating skulls. I LOVE those skulls you made for preschool - they're super spooky.

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