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Friday, November 12

Leaves are falling

There was a storm earlier this week and the first half of leaves fell from the walnut tree meaning time to PLAY in the LEAVES!!

My husband was home for about 30 mins of preschool so he was able to be the leaf thrower for a few minutes. I love what each adventurer is doing here...jumping, arms wide open wanting more leaves, shrieking, and ducking away. Such a great captured moment!

Then is was time to dig, scoop, scoop, dig.

And fall down into the pile!

I was reminded of a great just want to play outside. So go play outside with your favorite child today!


We read Mouse's First Fall by Lauren Thompson which was perfect because we also wanted to jump and hide in the leaves just like Mouse and Minka!

One of my favorite little leaf songs goes like this..
 (Tune:Where is Thumpkin)

Leaves are falling, leaves are falling
To the ground, to the ground.
Red, yellow, brown, red, yellow brown
Look around, Look around.


Grace said...

We have Mouse's 1st Halloween.

anna said...

What a lovely celebration of autumn! Those children look like they're having so much fun :)

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

That first picture is fantastic. Nothing better than watching kids having fun.

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