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Thursday, November 11

Happy Halloween

During school time we planned a trick-or-treat so we could all go together as a class!

I loved all the colorful costumes!

We then went to see the neighbor's horses. Hh, for horse and Halloween!

For lunch we made mummy, cat, and spider pizzas!

Our costumes: chicken, pirate, lady love bug, and ski bum.

We then went to the church party where I helped out with a few games. We did pop the pumpkin!
I loved the idea from Martha, but did it with less 
materials and guess what, it worked great!!
Inside each balloon was confetti, candy, a spooky pin, or a prize winning ticket. Then we put the balloons up with duck tape. (After 4 hours it didn't look as nice as when we first put it up)

The classic fishing pond. 

I love this one of the lady love bug with all the confetti in the background!

 Munching on a few pieces of candy! (This same little boy had a headache and wasn't feeling well just 1 hour previous. I guess that's the power of a party and some candy.)

We went door-to-door trick or treating after the party and had a great time!

The counting of the loot!


Then on Sunday we had a party to celebrate my friend's birthday. So obviously it was Halloween themed....

My husband Eli and I got a little excited about decorations food.

I loved these labels for our drinks!

I usually don't talk about how artsy and crafty my husband is, mainly because I like to think I have better ideas than his :) but these fun spiders were all his idea. (oh also the mice on the cheese and the silhouette pictures)

The birthday girl filling up her cup with some Black Death Tonic. (aka root beer)

Then it was time for some apple bobbing.

The dry ice inside the warm water was a weird sensory experience!

It was so weird in fact that I couldn't stop laughing about it!

We had a wonderful Halloween weekend!


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Looks like SO much FUN!!!

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

What a fun Halloween. The kids looked so cute!

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