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Tuesday, November 9

Letter L for Leaf

This week the leaves from the walnut, maple, apple, and cherry trees have all decided to fall down so the timing was perfect to focus on the Letter L for Leaf.

 (the Letter L)

We gathered a lot of leaves from around the neighborhood and put them inside the phone book.  
I put about 5 heavy books on top to make sure the leaves would be nice and flat.

Once the leaves were all pressed flat (about 6 hours) I took them out for the adventurers to study.

The adventurers sorted out the leaves and put the corresponding amount in the number square.

This Letter L on the back side of the number chart is probably the highlight of this whole activity. I was so excited to tell my husband that I thought I was so clever to have 2 activities with 1 piece of paper!!!! (Honestly, I know anyone else would have figured that out too, but because I am a little sick my brain is a bit foggy.)

The lovely L on the back side of the 1-4 number squares paper.

The finished L. I am also quite proud of this little Adventurer 
 because it is the first time she wanted to write her name on a project all by herself!!

River cut out a skinny L and glued these beautiful leaves on top.


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

What great learning activities! I love the L with all the leaves glued to it -- very clever!

Haley and Lance (but probably just Haley) said...

Now you need to come up with a way to make 3 projects out of 1 piece of paper. I hear it's never been done.

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