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Sunday, February 6

Igloo story telling and constructing

I love story time with my adventurers and decided that instead of reading a Picture Book we would do something else...they would just listen as I held up 1 picture of an igloo and told the story.

The story I shared can be found here, it's called "The Fire Owl- an Inuit folk tale". It's about a little Inuit Family who had their fire stolen from their igloo and how a snowy owl brought it back.

After I told the story there were supplies waiting for each adventurer to create an igloo.

marshmallows, tortilla chips, 
and rice crackers shaped like disks

She wanted to build a big wall for the igloo. 

There was some smashing of marshmallows involved to 
build what was needed.

 Here are some of the finished projects

From left to right: A big wall with people inside the igloo. A dog sled, fire, and a minimalist approach to an igloo. An Igloo with the fire outside, and a dog sled by a small igloo.


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