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Saturday, February 12

Candy heart drop: beat, beat, beat

The candy heart drop was a fun and colorful game!
I love how the the hearts looked inside the jar:

First, cut out a paper heart that matches the 
color of the conversation hearts. 
Place the paper heart at the bottom of the
quart size mason jar.

We used Brach's candy small and large hearts. 
There were 6 different colors.

We put all 6 of the jars on the floor and each child picked up a handful of hearts and dropped them into the jar. Beat, beat, beat was the sound of the hearts as they fell into the jar. The adventurers loved sorting out the hearts and pulling out the wrong color if it fell in. This sorting activity was great because it was movement based, rather than standing or sitting on one place.


Rachel Swan said...

I love things organized by color! What a great idea, V!

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