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Thursday, September 15

dinosaur language

I'm not really sure what I think of this whole blog thing anymore. I haven't blogged since Valentine's day, so I apologize if and when I do post if it doesn't seem too correlated.

A few weeks ago we went on a Field trip to the Dinosaur park in Ogden and had a lovely time.

Ever since our trip we have been reading books and talking about dinosaurs, naturally. Rue and River have been playing dino tag where they ROAR at each other as they run around. We were playing in the playland at Del Taco and 2 brothers about the same age as my adventurers came down the slide and were obliviously perplexed. 

I asked if my 2 kids had hurt their feelings somehow. The little boy said, "That little girl was speaking spanish at me." The older boy replied, "Yeah and that boy went ROAR in my face." 

I then yelled up the slide, "River and Rue can you come down here please?" They came down and I told them that these 2 boys were upset. River then explained, "We were just playing dinosaurs."

So, Rue's dinosaur language got interpreted as Spanish and River's dinosaur language was just a scary ROAR.


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