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Monday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day

(We made a heart shaped peanut butter and honey sandwiches)

I have always loved valentines day ever since I was a little girl. I loved choosing each individual card out for my classmates and delivering it to them. As a teenager we would pass out Valentine's to random people in the halls and ask for their name so we could properly address the little card attached to the lifesavers lollipop. Now as a Mom I enjoy cutting out hearts to make Valentine's with my kids and I love making my homemade Valentine card to exchange with my husband. It's a day of love for everyone right?


I'm Lindsay. said...

I'm glad you liked my article on! Your blog is great, I love your ideas. I'm going to have to start following you. Some of the crafy blogs get sooo complicated for crafts with kids it's a little ridiculous. I like yours b/c it looks like these things could actually be doable with my three year old!! THanks!

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