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Friday, March 19

Letter G- Math time with green and gold

The length of time we spent having some fun math time probably added up to hmm...5 minutes. We made these clovers earlier this week and stuck them in the sensory bin. The clovers either had 2,3, or 4 hearts. I emphasized that finding a 4- leaf clover was lucky because it's not as common, and as you can see here, not as symmetrical.

I asked River to match up the gold coins with the correct number of leaves on each clover. He counted out the coins and put the clover on top of them when he was finished, and yeah that's about it. He said, "Mama I'm done." Ok, got the clue we were done.

I definitely believe that you only teach to the interest of your child, especially math. I don't want him to begin to have any negative associations! Well, later on he got out some newspaper and scotch tape to build a home for his Trios blocks. I was pretty impressed with his own initiative to create and build. "Yes, we did have a positive school time moment today!" Then about one or two hours later he asked, "So are we going to have school time today?" I responded, "Yeah, remember we counted out the coins to match the clover." Then he responded, "Well can we do something else now?"
 I love this pic, because he said, "Ok, Mama now you need a picture of me..Cheese." (He is such a little Ham with his perfected Cheeser smiles :)


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