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Thursday, March 18

Deborah from Teach Preschool

I feel so lucky to have found Deborah's huge, daily growing facebook group "Teach Preschool" a little while back. When I first starting following her I was immediately impressed by how many blogs she follows. I would click on the blog link she posted on facebook and guess what, she had already commented on that blogger's post. I soon realized that she was posting daily comments on probably 100+ blogs, "Wow-wee" I thought, this lady is amazing! I decided to email her to see if she would be interested in reviewing "The Amazing Action Alphabet". She said yes! I was so excited that a professional preschool educator would take a look at a book/CD that has influenced me and my family so much! Since then Deborah has inspired me to create my own preschool songs, to try to leave as many comments as possible to fellow bloggers, and as of 2 weeks ago to begin "Our School Time Adventures" blog. I feel so fortunate to have made a great on-line friend, thanks Deborah!

Here is the review she made for "The Amazing Action Alphabet".


Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

Ah, look at how sweet you are to post this and comment on me:) I do enjoy looking at all the creativity that is out there and if someone has went through all that trouble to share a good idea - then a simple comment is the least I can do!

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