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Thursday, March 18

Letter G- Spider letters

I try to do various kinds of mid-week reinforcement activities to help River remember what letter we are working on for the week. So today we did Spider letters!

We used the lowercase foam letters, and his favorite spiderman container. 

I think every household should own the uppercase and lowercase foam letters from the dollar store. We use them all the time and haven't lost very many yet. (fingers crossed)

I picked out about seven letters including "g" to put inside the spiderface. River then picked one out and went through the flipchart to find the match. We pretended the letters were spiders crawling all around  the pages trying to find its home.
It was an easy, simple, activity!


Megan said...

Oh wowza V! I can't believe how great of a teacher you are! I feel quite under qualified to preschool my kids. I don't have any idea what a "sensory" bin is! I ran in to Esther Kehl at the library yesterday! She quizzed Abbey... and she passed :) I don't think our flip chart has the lower case letters, or is that the flash card? Well, keep it up, woman, you are inspiring!!

(V.Kerr) School Time Adventures said...

Megan, don't feel under qualified...I just started following a lot of preschool blogs and got my lingo down :) Yeah, the flipchart with the upper and lower is newer. It just came out so it's technically the 2nd edition. Obviously you are doing something right, if Abby passed by Esther!!

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